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I'm not sure. Uptime is currently > 17 days, which has happened MAYBE twice since my PSU blew. It turns out that quite some time after my last post, two old friends offered suggestions to help out. Funny thing: the instability that has kept me from logging in here (let's face it, I don't know 77% of my passwords and don't have a lot of patience) axctually fixed the question they answered. See, the PSU failure damaged my RAM in subtle ways. One interesting side effect was that my BIOS would occasionally land in areas that were intermittantly failing. When that occurred on boot, it prompted me to reflash. Problem solved. (but a big belated thanks to  [info]qiongren and [info]red_chaos1 for their suggestions)

Fresh 8 GB, and I've been up and running with development, Oblivion, and general silliness.

Also, I wrote a shot little story called "Blackmarch". It's just exploring the nature of evil (well, evil power) and making some of my backstory into LORE (which, while important for me, means nothing to almost anyone else).

I'm also working on a sequel to Unrequited, more commonly known as "THAT WHICH SHOULD NOT EXIST", or some similarly demeaning title. I have been for a while, but I'm over 50% done finally. I'm having a blast on IRC hiding the true nature of Unrequited.

Other than that? Life sucks, until I find a new job or get my demotion at work.


Did you miss me?

In case anyone actually noticed...

I've been off-line for the most part the last 48 hours. My lovely little 600W power supply couldn't handle the strain of my 8800GTS anymore and died. Worst part is that it happened just after I flashed my BIOS to correct issues that are 99.9% likely to be PSU-induced, so I'm not getting the absolute best RAM performance... maybe. Seems like the settings are OK, but I've lost my overclock options. Until I can make a USB boot drive or something, and flash this bugger back a few revisions.

Anyone got some tips on that?

Another one bites the dust?

After way too long spent hammering out issues, I finished my newest chapter. It's called "Forsaken Home", and should provide some nice insights into some aspects I never covered before.

There are at least two main problems.

First, the story is a very rough draft. The story is considered complete, but it's not a given that it flows well, makes sense read straight through, or generally doesn't suck as written.

The second problem is that it was slated to run maybe as long as 10,000 words. It's more than 50% larger. When I revise stories, they tend to grow, not shrink, which makes this chapter absurdly prone to topping 20k. That's probably NOT acceptable.

Since departing certain communities, I've lost a lot of feedback I used to get, which is severely cramping the rate at which I can revision stories to polish them. It can't be helped, but it does hurt my progress. Regular feedback means I have all kinds of issues I can just address whenever I have no ideas ready. I used to be able to revision a story more than once a week. It didn't necessarily do the heavy lifting that Gogo and Irilaine do for me, let alone the times I just go "I want to redo this whole chapter", which almost always ends (but doesn't always begin) with a consensus that the final result is much better.

So I'm basically looking for suggestions as to how I should approach taming this beast. I need a system to work from to make sure I can handle the polishing (or train someone else to handle the reading side).

Life update

Ok, So Obama wins. It doesn't matter to me because of the choice I had:

One candidate who I can trust to do what he says and one I refuse to trust to do what he says. My dad's the only one who understood what I meant by this. My mom still can't figure it out :)

Give me a moment to be very serious here, and open, and possibly offensive.

The primary hope/dream/wish I have for an Obama administration is that it will result in a scenario where race isn't a day-to-day issue anymore. Where we really are judging people by character and not skin color. I don't think Obama is the man to do this, because I don't believe one man can do it. But if he can, or if he can even start it...

If people want my full opinion, I'll say more, but in general, it's the one thing I hope Barack Obama can mange, and the one thing I'd bet money he can't accomplish by any means.

I'm looking for a good salesman. I have a proposal that would generate substantial development in conventional and non-conventional engine technologies and improve America's dependance on foreign oil. My estimated price tag is less than $1 billion (I could probably accomplish everything I need for half of that). The best part is that I don't even need to know what I'm doing (much). I don't need to find the brightest and best people, nor choose what constitutes a worthy angle to develop. I just need to get the right people on-board starting with the US Government (for the $500 million I'd need). The important calculation to make is how much of an improvement in fuel economy would it take at *current* gas prices to save the American taxpayers the money they'd be being asked to give me. Most of the brightest engineers would flock to the project, as would massive amounts of capital. Anyone interested in helping me craft the proposal? :)

I'm still working on new chapters. They're nowhere near ready, but on the other hand, super reader Iriliane gave "Eyes of Fire" a great review. For reference, that's the newest chapter to my ongoing storyline. If you haven't read a chapter, though, it's a bad place to start :)

I got a "promotion". My job sucks even worse now.

My tooth is cracked in half and cemented together for about 7 days at a time. Friday is "get insurance issues straightened out" day, and sick time might be involved in getting it fixed (though aside from my dad, I'm the person I'd bet on working an afternoon shift after major dental work).

I still need a girl I can really, really trust. Not to date/screw/whatever. Just because I'm a total guy, and I don't know how to write a girl's heart. But the ones I work with would all laugh at me, so...

I've been playing Oblivion. That explains three months of absence. If you play on the PC without the mod "Marksman Velocity", you're either using another archery mod, or you're just plain stupid :)
All it does is scale velocity to quality. So Iron arrows are still more like artillery than sniping, while Daedric Arrows fly nearly level. Mind you, gravity identical for both...

I upgraded to 8 GB of RAM. Oblivion *likes* it. (I've always been using a 64-bit OS)

The SPC7110 is cracked, which closes that book...

Anything I've missed?

Special joke of the day: Supervisor said I got the 2 pack of condoms as my personal supply, while he needed the bulk economy pack. I pointed out that my supply was probably good for 40 to 50 years :D


The road to recovery...

About three days ago, I found the critical missing item. I'd managed to leave it sitting on my dad's toolbox, where apparently neither of us noticed it.

Now, all of my jeans are shot (my now-broken name badge for work ripped out the left pockets), and the weather just turned cold, so shorts are out for the near future (and all I can say is "asdf"). But that can be remedied with money, which I have. Still missing an item or two, but those are non-critical.

Danica wins, then Ashley Force. (well, Will Power and Dan Wheldon win in between, but that's all in like 8 days). Good year for non-NASCAR racing. Trust me, if you've never seen the IRL race before, try a few races (they can't ALL be great, but the bad ones are still better than last year, and the good ones? who knows? Those are mostly post-Indy).

Started a new chapter called "Forsaken Home". It's coming along slowly, but it provide some context for Annalisa. She's really one hell of a girl, but she's so opposite Kendell in personality that people often think she's a sissy. Not the case at all. She's just not arrogant, violent, sarcastic, and confrontational. If she was, she'd be Kendell with breasts. Ummm, no thanks. I have at least three women who are aggressive. Torndraq, Denzent, and Karina are all more "Kendell with boobs" than Annalisa should ever be. (in fact, they overlap a little, but Torndraq is violent, Denzent sarcastic and confrontational, and Karina arrogant). Annalisa is supposed to be a sweetheart. One with plenty of steel to her, but essentially, the kind of girl you can't help but be friends with. So I hope the new chapter really shows my readers just what she is really made of. She never will compare to Kendell, if you want an avatar of destruction. He is ideally suited for it. She's ideally suited for, well, you'll have to see. It's not the path she's on, which is exactly the way it should be. I've probably said too much...


5 weeks later...

First, I'm totally stressed about a bunch of crap that's gone missing. No idea when or if I'll find some of it, which is bad. real bad.

Second, I've broken a lot of stuff in strange ways and will need a week or so to get it fixed, and a month to replace the worst of it. Yay unplanned for expenses.

Third, Graham Rahal managed to win the second IRL race of the season, in what's turning out to be a much improved series (which says a lot, since the IRL has put on good shows for some time now). If NASCAR doesn't have enough racing for you, try IndyCar.

I finished all of my rewrite efforts, and I'm just waiting for people to help sort through the mess of chapters with fresher eyes than mine...

I'm sure more has gone on, but until some of my absent items reappear, I probably will stay too scatterbrained to recall them...


random thoughts...

So CHamp Car is dead. Could there be anything better for the unified IRL than to have:
- Paul Tracy get into it with someone at Homestead, including a little fisticuffs? Kanaan or Dixon would be "best", publicity-wise...
- Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti in a serious dogfight all race long
- Danica and Helio shooting it out for the win.
- a Michigan International Speedway 500-miler in Late July, with a major sponsorship package

Raymond E. Feist does it again. Into A Dark Realm totally blew me away. There are something like five or six plot threads going at all times, with less than that number of character groupings. Valko's thread is the most awesome. I can sell a protagonist who is, by most standards, quite insane just fine. That's easy to imagine. I can sell the idea that a city is defended by beams of concentrated light and steel swords at the same time, because while it doesn't make sense from our perspective, it's not too difficult to imagine that it could have happened in another world/universe/whatever. However, the idea I have always heard laughed at as impossible to imagine is "evil as a concious choice" and stuff. Trust me, Feist can sell you on it. Valko's thread? AMAZING writing. Not necessarily as a technical exercise (because I'd almost certainly fail those standards), but in the sense of he makes one of the concepts most widely ridiculed in my literary circle not only imaginable, but vividly plausible.

Good luck to Sarah Fisher on her new Indy team. She'll need it with the recent merger. However, she's got enough talent for the car. May her team find enough talent for the driver.

Thanks to kuroichi, who has been mowing through the backlog of chapters, and swears that once he's through the initial experience, he'll go through and make critical notes. I eagerly await his results, because there's a lot of "untested" material there.


136264 and counting

That's not even the full story. As you can see, the prologue and first section of my story are rather involved. Heck, to get the writing up another two notches, you can probably add 15% to that word count and be a tad low.

I'm actually looking for a sort of headliner quote for this section, which deals with my substantially broken protagonist and another major character. I already have an idea what I would preface the whole book with, and everyone agrees that it's suitable, but I'd like something that captures a bit of the dynamic that leads to the final scene of this segment of the story.

Unfortunately, my proofreading squad has had a busy month, and I don't want to burden my special forces for trivial matters of consistancy, basic typos and grammar, etc. I'm something like 47332 words behind on making sure the writing is "decent", let alone quality...


I hate retail

Imagine this situation: It's the middle of winter, and your winter jacket suddenly and without warning fails to zip properly.

Just go to the store and buy a new one, right?


The dolts in retail already have their craptastic winter coats on clearance, which means "you can't find one in your size". There's like two styles, usually the "I want to look cool if I go back in time" style, and the "I HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE anything that might remind me of the idea of cold." style. I really don't need a jacket an inch thick. Or one that makes it look like I'm going out on the town in 1997. I just need a realtively thin jacket that keeps my body heat in, the wind out, and is actually made with the expectation that it will be used for work. That shouldn't be too hard to find. I'm not asking for a spandex jacket that insulates like a triple down coat. I don't want anything that insulates like a triple down coat. I want something that insulates like a jacket that anticipates you sweating in it at -2 degrees, and understands that a buttload of insulation is going to get very uncomfortable very quick.

Nope, the damn retail bastards are having none of that. Gotta play to the big spending niche, rather than the people who buy what they actually need, I guess. Needless to say, I'm now looking for the niche players in the jacket game, the ones who actually, you know, are either in-season, or all seasons. I'm sick of this "next season" crap.